Best travel blogs that accept guest posts in 2020

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travel blogs that accept guest posts

Want to create an authority website in the traveling niche? Then you must be knowing the importance of guest posting for the purpose of improving the authority of any website. But as and when you put your shoe in guest posting then you need a large number of travel blogs that accept guest posts in the traveling niche.

It is a great hustle for anyone while searching for guests posting websites for creating easiness for those bloggers and travel agencies. So for this purpose, I had prepared a list of more than 100 blogs that accept guest posts and have the potential of becoming an authority website in the traveling niche.

travel blogs that accept guest posts

Best travel blogs that accept guest posts

Website DADifficulty levelContribute
Trail sun blazed35Moderate Contribute 
Travel guide30Easy Contribute
Anew traveler30Easy Contribute
Global grasshopper 57Moderate Contribute 
Jetting around37Easy Contribute
Heat her on her travels53Moderate Contribute
Inside journeys38Moderate Contribute
Indie travel podcast 48Moderate Contribute 
Lost girl world47Moderate Contribute
World hum59Moderate Contribute
Postcards from me21Easy Contribute
International living69Hard Contribute 
Am I nearly there31Easy Contribute 
Plan to holiday13Easy Contribute 
Britain outdoors21 Easy Contribute 
Worldwide travel guide25Easy Contribute 
Honeymoon always53Moderate Contribute  
Secret traveller21Easy Contribute 
Lost passport 31Easy Contribute 
Pre-travel 32Easy Contribute 
Good to see21Easy Contribute 
UK travel guide 10Easy Contribute
Great scape17Easy Contribute 
In the know traveler41Easy Contribute 
Tenoblog32 Easy Contribute 
Turtle verse15 Easy Contribute 
Hello Vancity33Moderate Contribute
Soberistas 37Moderate Contribute
Vkool 55Moderate Contribute
Inspirational feed56Moderate Contribute
Hostel bookers74Hard Contribute 
Go abroad66Hard Contribute 
The Planetd67Moderate Contribute 
Short travel tips32Easy Contribute 
Backpack travel42Moderate Contribute 
Travel writer network20Easy Contribute 
Trevel writer exchange35Easy Contribute
Travel magzine56Moderate Contribute 
Travel write20Easy  Contribute 
Hotel fairy38Moderate Contribute 
Travel pocket24Easy Contribute
Pink pagea47Moderate Contribute 
Literary traveler56Moderate Contribute 
We are travel girls44Moderate Contribute 
Travel abroad61Moderate Contribute 
Travel post monthly30Easy Contribute 
Breaking travel news63Moderate Contribute 
Scotland news47Moderate Contribute 
Shadows galore33Moderate Contribute 
Travelling mom61Moderate Contribute
The travel manuel 46Moderate Contribute
She is wanderful50Moderate Contribute
The sabbatical guide28Easy Contribute
We are travel girls45Moderate Contribute
Art of travel23Easy Contribute
Travel free41Moderate Contribute
WhippioEasy Contribute
The travel loid25Easy Contribute
In last minute73Hard Contribute
Confetti travel cafe24Easy Contribute
Hostel geeks49Moderate Contribute
Roads you travel22Easy Contribute
Nomads world55Moderate Contribute
No foot point nomads23Easy Contribute
Travel tipsor36Easy Contribute
Travel in cousins22Easy Contribute
Travel bible26Easy Contribute
Travel ista35Easy Contribute
Safari nomad26Easy Contribute
Opodo60Moderate Contribute
365 tickets41Moderate Contribute
Tripntricks21Easy Contribute
Sail the world16Easy Contribute
Travelila14Easy Contribute
The travelling fool37Moderate Contribute
Fill my passport30Easy Contribute
Use travel tips20Easy Contribute
Make the experienceEasy Contribute
Travel pleasing15Easy Contribute
Zafigo38Moderate Contribute
Backpackers travel magazine9Easy Contribute
South america backpacker32Easy Contribute
Matt burns18Easy Contribute
Times of india93Moderate Contribute
Via travelers26Easy Contribute
Vaga bond family38Moderate Contribute
The fit traveller36Moderate Contribute
Mysterious trip26Easy Contribute
Cloud surfing22Easy Contribute
Travel for food hub30Easy Contribute
News europe30Easy Contribute
Storyv42Moderate Contribute
Do brazil42Moderate Contribute
Trek route31Easy Contribute
Backpackers world38Moderate Contribute
Namaste india trip23Easy Contribute
One travel girl11Easy Contribute
Surfino 37Moderate Contribute
Global grape vine21Easy Contribute
Tech mobis 23Easy Contribute
Fly on wheels8Easy Contribute
Destination less travel33Easy Contribute
Smart save47Moderate Contribute
Travel escape21Easy Contribute
Nordic travel mag25Easy Contribute
Travel with huna10Easy Contribute
Tour my india56Moderate Contribute
All about travelling30Easy Contribute
Honeymoons 46Moderate Contribute
Kerela tour packages guide30Easy Contribute
Easy travel15Easy Contribute
Travellers of india13Easy Contribute
Visit russia43Moderate Contribute
Smart traveler23Easy Contribute
World momads73Hard Contribute

Here I have mentioned a list of 100+ blogs that accepts guest post for the purpose of guest posting. But if you want to do your own research and explore new guest post opportunities then here are some popular search strings in which you only need to place your keyword and in no time you are with hundreds of travel blogs that accept guest posts.

Best search strings for your own research

Allintitle: Your keyword + guest postYour keyword “this is a guest post by”
Your keyword “submit an article”Your keyword “contributing writers”
Your keyword “guest authors”Your keyword “want to write for”
Your keyword “submit content”Your keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Your keyword “submit post”Your keyword inurl: “guest post”
Your keyword “send a tip”Your keyword “submit news”
Your keyword “want to write for”Your keyword “become a guest blogger”
Your keyword “write for us” Your keyword “guest post wanted” 
Your keyword “guest articles”Your keyword “guest posts wanted”
Your keyword “contributor guidelines”Your keyword “guest post opportunities”

The above-given strings are helpful in finding the guest posting websites in your niche. Which may also help in finding more sites.

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