List of Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting is considered as one of the prominent ways of building links for one’s website. But the main problem is that people get stuck when they are searching for health blogs that accept guest posts. But here’s the solution as we have found a list of blogs that accepts guest posts on a freemium basis.

Health is one of the fundamental parts of our life & everyday living. Lots of business, brand, bloggers, doctors, NGOs, hospitals, etc are involved with websites related to health niche. Today many companies, pharmaceutical companies generate leads and popularise their brand with the help of sponsored posts or guest posts as via these they can reach a huge population. The guest posts also help in increasing the number of referring domains of a specific website and also helps in higher positioning of the websites.

If you have a website related to health or website of your company who is especially in the health industry then it is a good idea to get some link juice by posting guest posts on these relevant websites.

health blogs that accept guest posts

It will help you to rank higher as well as get some referral traffic. Posting on a good website can boost your online presence & help you build authority and popularise your product with the folks of your industry.

Top Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website DADifficulty levelContributor links
ACHS blog56hardContribute 
Healthy wealthy wise34easyContribute 
Yegfitness 37easyContribute
Psych central88hardContribute
Health resource39Moderate Contribute 
top.me43Moderate Contribute 
Masterclanse 56moderateContribute 
Hivehealth Medica50moderatecontribute
Science-based medicine71Hard Contribute 
Fitness 10123easyContribute 
Natural News 85Hard Contribute 
Health on a budget38Moderate Contribute 
Cross fit journal76Hard Contribute 
Gym free fitness22easyContribute 
Cure today59Moderate Contribute 
Aquarian 32Hard Contribute 
Arthritis 73Hard Contribute 
Austin fit46Moderate Contribute 
Box life magazine45Moderate Contribute 
Caregivers home35Moderate Contribute 
Mother earth69Moderate Contribute 
Radish 64Hard Contribute 
Eating well77Moderate Contribute 
Experience life66Moderate Contribute 
Fitness magazine77Hard Contribute 
Health journal44Moderate Contribute 
Idea fit66Hard Contribute 
Inside fitness38easyContribute 
Men’s fitness48Moderate Contribute 
Spirituality health57Moderate Contribute  
Wellbeing secrets53Moderate Contribute 
Care kees28easyContribute 
Mater cleanse56Moderate Contribute 
Daily health today35Easy Contribute 
Human health project28Easy Contribute 
The health care blog65Hard Contribute 
Mind-body green88Hard Contribute 
Public health online79Hard Contribute 
Chief health31Easy Contribute 
Health writer hub35Easy Contribute 
Safe and healthy life30Easy Contribute 
Ava care medical38Moderate Contribute 
Health care guys32Easy Contribute 
Fit living tips24Easy Contribute 
Healthy care 12Easy Contribute 
Health research policy36Moderate Contribute 
Biomedj 35Easy Contribute 
A lust for life44Moderate Contribute 
Health tips from professor27Easy Contribute 
Health grad37Moderate Contribute 
Nupathe 38Moderate Contribute 
Mind fuel daily36Moderate Contribute 
Heel nourish grow18Easy Contribute 
Fit reign48Moderate Contribute 
Digital health buzz22Easy Contribute 
Psychreg 43Moderate Contribute 
Medium 96Moderate Contribute 
Mind body ease17Easy Contribute 
Online health mag22Easy Contribute 
Art of living70Easy Contribute 
Sand and steel fitness32Easy Contribute 
Libero magzine 36Moderate Contribute 
The mind body spirit network18Easy Contribute 
Fuzziday 14Easy Contribute 
My health care india17Easy Contribute 
Holistic health code12Easy Contribute 
Plain hair20Easy Contribute 
Pure health living12Easy Contribute 
Marriage 57Moderate Contribute 
Sound health doctor35Moderate Contribute 
Mind spirit 34Moderate Contribute 
The health science journal41Moderate Contribute 
Pangea systems35Easy Contribute 
Girl gets strong 30Easy Contribute 
Health community30Easy Contribute 
Mha guide 21Easy Contribute 
Ease to wellness13Easy Contribute 
Health online 27Easy Contribute 
Collegiate parent39Moderate Contribute 
Health icu24Easy Contribute 
Health soothe25Easy Contribute 
Free press directory12Easy Contribute 
Tansamai 25Easy Contribute 
Elly mc guiness28Easy Contribute 
Healthy land7Easy Contribute 
Express info today 18Easy Contribute 
Relax everyday 16Easy Contribute 
New world chiro20Easy Contribute 
Fitness magzine 77Hard Contribute 
Halecraze 12Easy Contribute 
Healthy tips for life12Easy Contribute 
Rtor 40Moderate Contribute 
Life span 43Moderate Contribute 
Insurance thought leadership53Moderate Contribute 
Introvert dear 59Moderate Contribute 
Health transformation51Moderate Contribute 
Healthiack 45Moderate Contribute 
Top dog vitamins29Easy Contribute 
Nursing cilio52Moderate Contribute 
My health maven37Moderate Contribute 
Lyfe medical12Easy Contribute 
Article home17Easy Contribute 
Health moms magazine 34Easy Contribute 
Surving spirits16Easy Contribute 
Rcni 60Hard Contribute 
Health advicer21Easy Contribute 
Lotus power health24Easy Contribute 
Ohi fitness garage 20Easy Contribute 
Beauty glitch 41Moderate Contribute 
Real health talks8Easy Contribute 
Child in the city 46Moderate Contribute
Health and experience16Easy Contribute
Db streangth24Easy Contribute
Global health aging17Easy Contribute
Honey bee nutrition15Easy Contribute

Here we have mentioned a full list of blogs that accept guest posts for health niche. However, if you need more sites, you can find more by following the tips mentioned below.

Here is a descriptive list of search strings by which you can do your own research and get multiple numbers of guest posting websites that may be helpful for guest posting. In this, you simply need to place your keyword for the health niche for which you want to rank higher in the SERP and in no time you will get hundreds of health blogs that accept guest posts in the health industry.

Useful search strings

Allintitle: Your keyword + guest postYour keyword “this is a guest post by”
Your keyword “submit an article”Your keyword “contributing writers”
Your keyword “guest authors”Your keyword “want to write for”
Your keyword inurl: “guest blogger”Your keyword “submit content”
Your keyword inurl: “guest post”Your keyword “submit post”
Your keyword “submit news”Your keyword “send a tip”
Your keyword “become a guest blogger”Your keyword “writers wanted”
Your keyword “guest post wanted” Your keyword “writers wanted”
Your keyword “guest post wanted” Your keyword “guest post”
Your keyword “guest post wanted”Your keyword “write for us” 
Your keyword “guest posts wanted”Your keyword “guest articles”
Your keyword “contributor guidelines”Your keyword “guest post opportunities”

Here we have found some useful search strings that may help you in doing your own research and helps in finding some useful health blog website that accepts guest post.

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