Best Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Technology is developing in a rapid way and in a similar way many tech websites are also developing daily. But to gain more authority they need to do guest posting for this purpose. Then what? They need more technology blogs that accept guest posts but don’t get panic about this as we had prepared an exclusive list for this purpose.

This list will be helpful for all those bloggers, tech companies and other tech professionals with websites, for the purpose of guest posting. The list is specially designed in a way so that anyone can go directly to its homepage or to its contributor’s page via this list. The DA of the respective websites are written beside its homepage with the difficulty level of its contribution.

And the best thing about this list is that all the websites are of good DA and if any website is below the expectations then it must have a great possibility of becoming an authority websites in the technology niche. Let’s dwell in the list to see more possibilities-

Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Great list Of Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website DADifficulty levelContributors link
Webku59Moderate Contribute 
Guest post tracker 32Easy Contribute 
Tech and soc34Moderate Contribute
Resena 53Moderate Contribute
Jetlaw 44Moderate Contribute
Voice tech podcast31Easy Contribute
US green technology41Moderate Contribute
Tech viewers25Easy Contribute
Clickz 75Hard Contribute
Sea Technology 39Moderate Contribute
Oracle 94Hard Contribute
Isaca 74HardContribute
Microwave journal 50Moderate Contribute
Provider magazine46Moderate Contribute
Restaurant technology27Easy Contribute
Energies Nouvelles58Moderate Contribute
Pm research59Moderate Contribute
Healio79Moderate Contribute
Ceramic science 29Easy Contribute
Web hosting one dollar40Moderate Contribute
Tech India today 35Easy Contribute
Technology moon28Easy Contribute
The next tech 26Easy Contribute
Tech today 46Moderate Contribute
Technology network59Moderate Contribute
Twinz tech46Moderate Contribute
Web updates daily44Moderate Contribute
Techdim 19 Easy Contribute
Tech sightings 30Easy Contribute
Technology news trends 45Moderate Contribute
Vote pair31Easy Contribute
Medium95Moderate Contribute
Tech in Asia 87Moderate Contribute
Virginia Tech81Hard Contribute
We are tech woman28Easy Contribute
Virginia tech21Easy  Contribute
Minnesota law school90Moderate Contribute
Coupon techies35Easy Contribute
The proche27Easy Contribute
Digital web services27Easy Contribute
Newscitech29Easy Contribute
Teckrr26Easy Contribute
Ask Noypi34Easy Contribute
Techlipz33Easy Contribute
Export hub28Easy Contribute
4life innovation31Easy Contribute
creately70Hard Contribute
Etalk tech16Easy Contribute
Blog edunix48Moderate Contribute
Productivity bites43Moderate Contribute
Mippin51Moderate Contribute
Computer reviews52Moderate Contribute
Slide share95Moderate Contribute
Inno reviews29Easy Contribute
3d printer reviewer51Moderate Contribute
Web hosting join33Easy Contribute
Tech walls56Moderate Contribute
Complete connection30Easy Contribute
Elsner30Easy Contribute
Area 19 delegate30Easy Contribute
Almostism17Easy  Contribute
Appetitus technology12Easy Contribute
Inde. safe co 6Easy Contribute
Techstranger11Easy Contribute
Techstartups50Moderate Contribute
The daily sound47Moderate Contribute
Teens means business33Easy Contribute
Post in web47Moderate Contribute
For tech42Moderate Contribute
Tech prate18Easy Contribute
Softaware world29Easy Contribute
Digital engine land15Easy Contribute
Tech.wtf19Easy Contribute
Tech media45Moderate Contribute
Market vein20Easy Contribute
Tech jockey39Easy Contribute
Evision themes31Easy Contribute
E-book reader comparision15Easy Contribute
Wow tech hub45Moderate Contribute
The ssl store 53Moderate Contribute

The above list is mind blowing collection of technology blogs that accept guest posts and provides do follow link from its source. This list may be helpful in improving ones websites authority. But then also some one wants to do its own research then below this I had mentioned some popular search strings for doing ones own research. Let’s dwell to see the popular search strings.

Allintitle: Your keyword + guest postYour keyword “become a guest blogger
Your keyword “submit news”Your keyword “guest post opportunities”
Your keyword “guest posts wanted”Your keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Your keyword “want to write for”Your keyword “submit content”
Your keyword “guest authors”Your keyword “this is a guest post by”
Your keyword “contributor guidelines”Your keyword “write for us” 
Your keyword “guest post wanted” Your keyword “want to write for”
Your keyword “submit an article”Your keyword inurl: “guest post”
Your keyword “send a tip”Your keyword “submit post”

The above given some popular search strings may be helpful for doing one’s own research through which one can develop one’s own list for technology blogs that accept guest posts. The researcher only needs to place its own keywords with any search strings and can find hundreds of new guest posting opportunities. I hope you like our lists mentioned above.

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