List of Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting is the only way for getting quality backlinks from any website. But it is a great problem for newbies while searching for guest posting websites. As the entertainment industry is on its boom and many new bloggers are coming in this industry but if they want to develop their blog as an authority blog then they must do guest posting for this purpose. So for this, I had prepared a list of 70+ entertainment blogs that accept guest posts and are very easy to publish guest posts on these websites.

The list is very user friendly as it is having both the home page given on the left side and the contributors link on the right side. And the sites have an average DA nearly of 30 which is good for the newbies. But it does not mean that it is not having more than 30 DA sites as these sites are mainly for beginners and have easy guest posting policy.

Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Newbies can also go for more DA websites as getting a backlink from a high authority website is good in improving the authority of any new website.

Authoritative Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website DADifficulty levelContributors link
Hollywood insider 17Easy Contribute
Entertainment focus66Hard  Contribute
ZFO Entertainment17Easy Contribute
Rivepedia27Easy Contribute
Outloud culture28Easy Contribute
Nerd bastards61Hard Contribute
Pop culture tonight27Easy Contribute
Express info today18Easy Contribute
Recently heard52Moderate Contribute
Screen hub blog26Easy Contribute
Fandomentals 50Moderate Contribute
Pro mobile DJ32Easy Contribute
Buzz fuse29Easy Contribute
Cinema tyrant22Easy Contribute
Thew talk18Easy Contribute
The next tech26Easy Contribute
Trendinbuzz15Easy Contribute
Derek time20Easy Contribute
Post in web47Moderate Contribute
Article agenda11Easy Contribute
Tv source51Moderate Contribute
Final boss24Easy Contribute
Good firms47Moderate Contribute
Screen Rant89Hard Contribute
The run time36Easy Contribute
Indys child44Moderate Contribute
The entertainment spot8Easy Contribute
Long view wa locable 36Moderate Contribute
Stars and celebs30Easy Contribute
Medium96Moderate Contribute
We are the mighty70Moderate Contribute
Entertainment chatka9Easy Contribute
The artifice62Hard Contribute
Daily entertainment27Easy Contribute
The Uplarn35Easy Contribute
Book my show88Hard Contribute
PS mag82Hard  Contribute
Live blog spot35Easy Contribute
Xclusive fashion meet17Easy Contribute
Womens media center68Hard Contribute
Write for us10Easy Contribute
Rize entertainment8Easy Contribute
Never not amazing17Easy Contribute
Screen spy40Moderate Contribute
lulz42Moderate Contribute
Social work helper53Moderate Contribute
The humnist61Moderate Contribute
Smart yards52Moderate Contribute
Lets jump today12Easy Contribute
What culture86Hard Contribute
Entertainment mesh44Moderate Contribute
Work in entertainment39Moderate Contribute
Guest post tracker32Easy Contribute
Web solution winner27Easy Contribute
Next shark80Hard Contribute
We are restless31Easy Contribute
Rhajika sco4Easy Contribute
Drango down town23Easy Contribute
Film varginia9Easy Contribute
Top loading for life18Easy Contribute
Niche market37Easy Contribute
Ourgem codes 36Easy Contribute
Comments meme37Moderate Contribute
Intpolicydigest58Moderate Contribute
Postinweb46Moderate Contribute
Amazing viral news24Easy Contribute
Maple entertainment24Easy Contribute
Media ite82Hard Contribute
Ways to die20Easy Contribute
Woemagzine 18Easy Contribute
The big smoke47Moderate Contribute
Blue line station50Moderate Contribute
House of bakchodi34Easy Contribute
Career contessa56Moderate Contribute
The voodle18Easy Contribute

The above given list is a collection of entertainment blogs that accept guest posts from other websites. The above list is helpful for all those bloggers and for entertainment industries professionals for the purpose of guest posting and improving once websites authority.

But then also many people want to do their own research for new guest posting websites. So for this purpose here we have mentioned some popular search strings in which after placing the keyword you can get hundreds of entertainment blogs that accept guest posts in no time.

Popular Search Strings For (DIY) Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Your keyword “write for us” Your keyword “this is a guest post by”
Your keyword “guest articles”Your keyword “contributing writers”
Your keyword “guest post wanted” Your keyword “want to write for”
Your keyword “guest posts wanted”Allintitle: Your keyword + guest post
Your keyword “submit an article”Your keyword “submit content”
Your keyword “guest authors”Your keyword “submit post”
Your keyword “contributor guidelines”Your keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Your keyword “become a guest blogger”Your keyword inurl: “guest post”
Your keyword “send a tip”Your keyword “submit news”
Your keyword “want to write for”Your keyword “guest post opportunities”

The above given search list is useful for all those who are in search of entertainment blogs that accept guest posts and want to do there own research. For doing the research the only thing which is required is to place the original keyword in place of your keyword and in no time you will get hundreds of websites that accept guest posts on the entertainment niche. I hope you like my post.

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