Beauty Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Beauty Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting is the only way of building quality backlinks for any website. But it’s a great hustle for anyone to search those websites that accept guest posts in a specific industry as we have done specific research for the beauty industry and prepared a list of beauty blogs that accept guest posts for this purpose.

As we have published 80+ websites with their homepage link given on the hyperlinked text on the left-hand side of the list. We had also provided the contributors on the right-hand side so that it becomes easy for anyone to publish its post on the particular website.

Beauty Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

As here we have only mentioned those websites that are easily accessible and have the potential of becoming an authority website in their niche. This list is very helpful for bloggers and beauty professionals for publishing their guest posts for increasing the authority of their websites.

Mainly the websites which are listed has an easy difficulty level for publishing their guest post and have an average DA of 30. Through this, we want to say that these websites have an easy policy of publishing a guest post.    

Beauty Blogs That Accept Guest Posts in 2020

WebsiteD.ADifficulty levelContribute link 
Perfect health fit45Moderate Contribute
Beauty4Ashes15Easy Contribute
Morden lifetimes27Easy Contribute
Classically beautiful38Moderate Contribute
Health 2 wellness45Easy Contribute
Soulful beauty32Moderate Contribute
99 my health tips17Easy Contribute
Devine magazine29EasyContribute
Best health tips Blogspot18EasyContribute
Stadium formation78Hard Contribute
Blogadda51Moderate Contribute
Health 2 wealth11easyContribute
Wlp free trails23easyContribute
Beauty wire magazine28easyContribute
Organic passion27easyContribute
Fact-based skincare14easyContribute
Recipe for beautiful life5Easy Contribute
Chic vegan50Moderate Contribute
District beauty guide13Easy Contribute
Medium 96Moderate Contribute
Edge magazine49Moderate Contribute
Wonder forest67Hard Contribute
Love your beauty mark3Easy Contribute
The health journals 44Moderate Contribute
Women’s edge35Easy Contribute
Beauty biz34Easy Contribute
Epilepsy cure 12Easy Contribute
Lifestyle reviewer13Easy Contribute
Meets obsession45moderateContribute
Black girl runs54Moderate Contribute
Miss mill mag44Easy Contribute
Pen and pad 55Moderate Contribute
Life span42Easy Contribute
Her culture 34Easy Contribute
All season style 11Easy Contribute
Properganda 15Easy Contribute
Politics means politics45Easy Contribute
Small farms 93Moderate Contribute 
Beauty everywhere18Easy Contribute 
Foundation fairy31Easy Contribute 
Queen of virtues21Easy Contribute 
Beauty fashion club45Moderate Contribute 
Unice 39Moderate Contribute 
Simple sassy style27Moderate Contribute 
Beauty inquire6Easy Contribute 
All beauty news20Easy Contribute 
Skin O228easyContribute 
Beauty care me 21Easy Contribute 
Beauty well being13Easy Contribute 
Tips for natural beauty38Hard Contribute 
Girlicious beauty44Moderate Contribute 
Celebricious 31Easy Contribute 
Lady life style35Easy Contribute 
Power your skin17Easy Contribute 
Permanently 21Easy Contribute 
Express info today18Easy Contribute 
Data is beauty16Easy Contribute 
Mio skin care 58Moderate Contribute 
Sweet style26Easy  Contribute 
Meady care 9Easy Contribute 
Beauty on fleeck21Easy Contribute 
Fashion boleto13Easy Contribute 
Imperishable beauty10Easy Contribute 
All beauty today26Easy Contribute 
Floral skin14Easy Contribute 
Find more beauty14Easy Contribute 
The vegan company14Easy Contribute 
Luke lady13Easy Contribute 
Medium 96Moderate Contribute 
The lifestyle way6Easy Contribute 
Issuu 96Moderate Contribute 
Health also care 10Easy Contribute 
Beauty glimpses54Moderate Contribute 
Beauty and reuin26Easy Contribute 
Elite beauty society20Easy Contribute 
Go well health tips 10Easy Contribute 
Beauty care inside14Easy Contribute 
The mango blog25Easy Contribute 
Health online27Easy Contribute 
2gen beauty21Easy Contribute 
Beauty tips 37Moderate Contribute 
Hermag 37Moderate Contribute 
Pride USA24Easy Contribute 
All mehandi design33Easy Contribute 
Mordern woman digest38Moderate Contribute 
Be skin host 23Easy Contribute 
Support your beauty20Easy Contribute 
Expertly choosen25Easy Contribute 
Womans beauty offer19Easy Contribute 
Beauty glitch 41Moderate Contribute 
Madbuzz hk32Easy Contribute 
My unidays64Hard Contribute 
Organic beauty brands19Easy Contribute 
Beauty insider23Easy Contribute 
Look fantastic31Easy Contribute 
Catalog magazine27Easy Contribute 
Lifestyle blogs13Easy Contribute 
Beauti tips13Easy Contribute 
Endless hair extraction18Easy Contribute 
Fashion foody22Easy Contribute 

Here we have mentioned the 80+ beauty sites that are accepting guest posts for the purpose not to go here and there to hustle for guest post accepting websites. But what if you are in need of more guest post accepting websites. Here I have found some popular strings which will be helpful in finding more beauty blogs that accept guest posts.

Famous search strings for finding more beauty blogs that accept Guest Posts

Your keyword “this is a guest post by”Your keyword “guest post opportunities”
Your keyword “submit news”Your keyword “guest post wanted”
Your keyword “want to write for”Your keyword “guest post wanted” 
Your keyword “submit content”Your keyword “guest post wanted”
Your keyword “submit an article”Your keyword “submit an article”
Your keyword “guest posting guidelines”Your keyword “contributing writers”
Allintitle: Your keyword + guest postYour keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Your keyword “contributor guidelines”Your keyword inurl: “guest post”
Your keyword “submit post”Your keyword “send a tip”
Your keyword “writers wanted”Your keyword “become a guest blogger”
Your keyword “guest posts wanted”Your keyword “guest authors”
Your keyword “submit content”Your keyword “write for us” 
Your keyword “writers wanted”Your keyword “guest articles”

Here we have found some useful search strings that may be helpful in finding more websites for more guest post opportunities. After inserting any one of the keywords with any strings you can get hundreds of websites that are helpful for you and accepting the guest posts in your niche.

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