How Your Main Page Should be Designed & Developed?

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How Your Main Page Should be Designed & Developed

On average, you get only 5 sec to impress any visitors on your site. That couples of seconds decide whether the reader is going to stay on your site or will click the back button. Whenever visitors land on your landing page or your homepage. These two things can happen.

The page succeeds: The visitor gets the thing that he was looking for. He likes your design, content and dives deeper into the site. There is a chance that he/she subscribes or became a lead.

The page fails: The visitor didn’t get what he/she was looking for. He/she get confused and annoyed and click the back button of the browser very soon and never return on your site.

So what factor determines the success or failure of any landing page? There are many. But I will talk about some of the important things which you should consider while designing and developing your homepage or main page.

Understanding the perspective of your visitor

This is the first most thing to understand. Put your legs into the visitor’s shoes and think according to their perspective. Make changes to your design, look as per their behaviors. You can also manage your home page better by using different blog extension.

Find out what is their problem and need.

Don’t invest you most of the efforts on showcasing your product’s features. Just convince them how your product or service will solve their problem.

Make sure your page focuses the user problem and provide a keen solution.

Make sure your page feels the right place for them.

The first thing visitors check while landing on any page is that if they are in the right place. Give your best effort to make your page look most relevant. Work more on your heading, first few paragraphs, design and site loading time.

Give them the solution they are looking for.

The most important thing for your marketing strategy is content. This is the thing for which the visitor has landed on your site.

The most important factor in the design of a website is how easily the visitor find what they want. Give a link to your main service or products.

Loading time

Speed is not only an important ranking factor for SEO but also impacts the net revenue of your site. A single second delay can result in the loss of thousands of dollars and your potential customers.

Hence give special time on improving your main page loading time. Make sure it loads completely within 3 seconds.

Make your site mobile friendly.

As per the latest data, the number of mobile visitors has surpassed desktop visitors. The gap is only going to be wider in the coming future.
Make sure every element on your site is mobile responsive. No, any clicking element should be too close making it difficult for a visitor to click on any of them.

Navigation menu and site structure

The navigation menu helps readers to navigate to important pages of your site. Make sure they are easily visible and accessible. Make your site structure simple and clean.


There are numerous other factors that also need to be considered for the success of your main page. But start focusing on the things mentioned above which will surely result in improving your individual as well as overall site performance.

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