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Everyone is more or less passionate about doing their own business whether it is small or big. Thinking about doing business is quite easy rather than making it more successful. For making your business on the track this Media Tomo platform is the best, as it deals with multiple websites from all over the world.

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This platform is very much useful for those business owners whose main work is on digital platforms. As top Publishers visit our site on a daily basis to post all kinds of sponsored ads with different categories according to their wish. They also post there high-quality articles on different websites available on this platform.

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What is a Guest Post? And in what way Media Tomo websites are helpful?

Guest Post is the most valuable way through which websites rank higher in the SERP page. And the most important thing about the guest post is that how much the website is authentic with its content and how much people are having trust on this website. With a parameter which was developed by Moz i.e DA(Domain authority). As the website having higher DA will show great results in the ranking factor and Media Tome too is a collection of high DA websites.

And one more factor about ranking higher is that the age of the backlink so for this Media Tome promises to its clients that the backlinks in the guest post and sponsored post remain will last as discussed while putting on the website.

And here you can post useful and relevant resources related to business through which millions of people could reach you. Our popular verticals include:

Digital Marketing Business

We too promote those businesses which are providing marketing services to different business houses which help them in digital marketing services. Our main work is to promote those business houses who are doing well in their field like doing SEO, SMM, SMO and many more. We too publish those content which are related to digital marketing like how to rank higher, how to bypass your competitor, how to write those content which will create more engagements.

Retail Business

We also promote those retail business houses which are doing well in their business and want to take their online and offline business to their next level. Those retail business owner those who want to extend their business and want to skyrocket their sales. Many business owners use our service for a sponsored post, the reason behind using this service is that our websites are grabbing the attention of many people which are helpful in generating more leads and becoming popular.

Service Business

Business houses that are showing great results in the service sector like life insurance or general insurance, agencies which are providing IT service. And the concerns that work around the service industry uses our sponsorship service to generate more leads and business for themself. We too promote those concern and business organisation that are providing accounting services to other business houses in the form of outsourcing, tax planning and others.

Manufacturing Business

We are mainly concerned about the core sector of the product and promote that manufacturing business via a sponsored post. Many undertakings who are manufacturing core manufacturing machines use our service for having a backlink for their websites. They also publish about their products whose manufacturing unit are set up on their premises.


We also promote those seed startups which are having immense possibilities to compete with large business houses. The way of promoting these startups is simply by providing a platform which attracts the attention of millions of people who are eager to know about the new and trending startups.

MSME and Sister Concern Enterprises

We do promote those enterprises which are medium, small or micro in size or working as a sister concern for large enterprises. The promotions are being done by publishing the content of their working and publishing their content on high authority websites. In sister concern, they are free to promote by taking leverage of their parent business.

So, for publishing or having a backlink you must have high-quality content related to your business. And Media Tomo is one of the emerging platforms which are having high-quality websites for all this.  Don’t wander here and there in the search of cheap backlink or for sponsered post Media Tomo it may indirectly harm you if gets penalised but in media tomo there is no risk like this.